Electrical equipment

This workshop offers the largest and most diverse MRO capability within Air Atlanta Aviaservices; covering emergency battery packs, ELTs, galley inserts, lighting, beacons and smaller electrical components.

To reduce the constant battle of battery shelf life issues, we can offer our customers a trickle charge service. This way your unit will remain on a constant charge until you are ready to call it off for fitment within the aircraft.

We provide Inspection, testing, reprogramming and battery changes of ELTs & dongles for numerous OEMs, including Techtest, Kannad, Elta and Artex. You can download any of the reprogramming sheets below.

Ovens, boilers and coffee makers are integral part to the in flight service offered by airlines. We can assist you with functional faults and regular services to keep your passengers happy.

If you have a particular product you wish to be serviced, you can check our capability list or contact us for an RFQ