Founded in 1998, originally set up to support the sister company Air Atlanta Icelandic, the company is continually expanding to be a MRO service provider to airlines and brokers around the world.

At Air Atlanta Aviaservices we are able to offer EASA and FAA Part 145 Dual Release on all our serviced products.

EASA Part 145 145.00681
FAA Part 145 3A5Y635B

On the understanding  that quality cannot be assured by inspection alone, but can only be achieved by those involved in creating the product , we have adopted a policy whereby the responsibility for Quality Assurance rests with the Managers & Certifying Engineers, while the maintenance of Quality Standards rests with the Quality Manager.

From this it is envisaged that the quality of the product will be assured by the application of the highest achievable standards of workmanship and diligent compliance with defined quality control procedures.

All company procedures are contained within the MOE (Maintenance Organisation Exposition) and adopted to achieve the objectives of this policy.

Our facility, situated in Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, adjacent to LGW, provides us with excellent links to all London airports and South coast ports.